Introducing Guaranteed Buybacks with the Croissant Chrome Extension

11/12/202365 views • 4 min read

About 18 months ago I joined Croissant as Director of Engineering to help change the way we think about shopping. The stuff you buy has value beyond the point of purchase and Croissant's Guaranteed Buybacks ensure that your purchases retain their worth.

Today we launched the Croissant Chrome Extension that offers Guaranteed Buybacks of up to 75% on over 1 million items at your favorite retailers.

Image of the Croissant Chrome Extension with two Guaranteed Buybacks

Croissant’s Guaranteed Buybacks are exactly what they sound like —
you buy an item at retail, and we’ll buy it back from you at a baked-in price for up to one year. No fees. No pressure. Just money back for your things.

After you install it from the Chrome Web Store, you can use it to see the Guaranteed Buyback value of items as you shop. Any eligible items you buy, while the extension is activated, will be added to your Croissant Collection. If you choose to redeem your buybacks, simply send them to Croissant and get paid.

How It Works

Getting started with the Croissant Chrome Extension is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Quick Installation: Add the Croissant Chrome Extension to your browser from the Chrome Web Store, and you're all set. It integrates quietly and quickly, ready to work behind the scenes.

  2. Know Your Item's Worth: As you shop, Croissant shows you the guaranteed buyback value for items you're interested in. This helps you shop with an awareness of an item’s future value.

  3. Track Your Purchases: Upon purchase, the item enters your Croissant Collection, which acts as a personal inventory, tracking the value of everything you buy.

  4. Easy Resell Option: When you're ready for a change, Croissant’s buyback process is at your service. Sell your items, and Croissant ensures you receive the guaranteed value back in return.

With Croissant, you're not just buying—you're investing in items that hold onto value, giving you a smarter way to shop.

Know Value

At its core, Croissant's Chrome Extension is all about learning and understanding the value of things while you shop. For instance, consider the Triumph Crew Neck Tee from Alo Yoga.

It retails for $54, but Croissant informs me that I can resell it within a year and receive a guaranteed value of $24 back in cash. This realization has a psychological effect at the point of purchase. I now think, "Oh, I'm only spending $30 on this full-priced item because it holds value beyond the initial purchase." When I'm ready to move on from it, I can resell it back to Croissant for $24!

Activate Guaranteed Buybacks

With just a click, you activate the buyback feature for your new purchases. This locks in your guaranteed buyback, ensuring you can choose to sell any item back to Croissant at a predetermined price.

Upon activating the Guaranteed Buybacks feature, you can rest assured that your purchases will be smoothly integrated into your Croissant account, providing you with the opportunity to resell them at a later date. This not only secures the predetermined buyback price for each item but also offers you the flexibility and convenience to manage your purchases with ease. By activating, you proactively maximize the value of your purchases while ensuring a hassle-free experience when you decide to sell them later.

Hassle-Free Reselling

As you activate the Croissant Chrome Extension and lock in your Guaranteed Buybacks, your purchases will flow into your Croissant collection. You can access your Croissant collection via our web app or IOS app.

When you're ready, you can access your collection and locate your Guaranteed Buybacks. Simply click or tap the "Sell" button, package and ship your item, and your proceeds will be deposited into your Croissant wallet, where you can withdraw them via Venmo or PayPal.

Thanks For Reading

Launching Croissant Chrome Extension has been a highlight of my career. It's been an incredible ride, and I couldn't be prouder of the product we've built, the team and the way we've all pulled together to make it happen. It feels amazing to put this out into the world!